It doesn’t take much fentanyl


It doesn’t take much fentanyl to lead to an overdose.”Xanax is a mild sedative normally used to treat anxiety and panic disorders.The fake Xanax containing fentanyl came to the attention of San Francisco doctors in mid October 2015, when a man in his 20s and a woman in her 30s were taken to the ER at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital after consuming the pills.A third person with them, a woman in her 30s, was found dead in their home, Arens said.The blood of all three tested positive for fentanyl, even though the survivors said they had only used alcohol, cocaine and Xanax, Arens said.The doctors suspected the Xanax was counterfeit and laced with fentanyl, and their suspicions were confirmed when a fourth patient wound up in the ER. The patient, a man in his early 20s, still had some of the counterfeit Xanax on his person, and testing revealed that the tablets had been cut with fentanyl, Arens explained.Five more hospitalizations involving fake Xanax cropped up after that, including the infant, two boys in their late teens, a man in his mid 20s and a man in his mid 40s, the report said.These were difficult cases to treat, because the patients were suffering from symptoms that didn’t line up with what they said they had taken, Arens said.”People may be presenting differently than what they think they took, and it makes it difficult to diagnose,” Arens said. “It’s hard to predict what someone could have gotten into when they buy things off the street.”Other deaths occurred as a result of the fake Xanax, Arens said, and will be detailed in an upcoming paper from the San Francisco medical examiner’s office.These cases should serve as a warning to people tempted to buy prescription medications from illicit sources, be it a street dealer or a shady online retailer, Taylor said.”If you buy it outside of the medical system and on the street, you’re putting yourself at risk for a counterfeit product,” Taylor said.

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